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How to prepare your vehicle for holiday travel

Posted at 4:59 PM, Nov 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 05:42:58-05

WACO, TX — If you or your family plan to hit the road for the holidays, make sure your vehicle is ready to encounter any type of road and weather.

According to AAA, nearly 50 million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving, only a 10% drop from last year. Roughly 95% of travelers are expected to be on the road, with less than 3% traveling by air.

Vehicle troubles can come unexpectedly. Making sure your car or truck is up to speed when it comes to maintenance could save you hours of travel, prevent a hassle and prevent an accident on the roads.

"Most people nowadays are not as familiar with their vehicle than they were a few decades ago. It's a good idea to have a service professional check it before you leave, ” said David Derosier, General Manager of Freddie Kish's Complete Car Care Center.

Freddie Kish's told 25 News a number of things to look over before you hit the road:

  • Tire pressure- All four wheels should be inflated to the PSI level indicated on a sticker where the driver-side door opens.
  • Oil level- A bright-colored ring can be pulled out of the engine, and a marker will indicate the proper level of oil.
  • Battery- Have a service provider or an auto store check the load on your battery, and you will know if it is time to replace.
  • Use an antifreeze windshield wiper fluid to allow wipers to remove ice and snow.
  • Make sure blinkers, headlights and high beams are functioning.

The Texas Department of Transportation says travelers going to cold environments should have an emergency kit in the vehicle.

“It could make the difference between an uncomfortable experience and getting where you need to be," said Jake Smith with TxDOT. "Blankets to keep yourself warm, you never know when your car may just die on you. Flashlights, a first aid kit, any basic items to keep you comfortable until help arrives."