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Holiday season in full swing in Central Texas

Holiday season in full swing in Central Texas
Posted at 3:10 AM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 04:14:24-05

BELL & MCLENNAN COUNTIES — "3-2-1-Yaaaaaaaaaay!" "Christmas on the Chisholm Trail" kicked off in Belton Friday night, with the lighting of the town's official Christmas tree on the grounds of the Bell County Courthouse.

Hundreds turned out to see Mayor Marion Grayson lead the countdown, followed by a screening of the movie "Elf".

Saturday brought a huge holiday market with 200 vendors, games for kids, and live music.

Saturday night, The Belton Christmas Parade capped off the city's festivities as it rolled down Penelope Street from Nolan Creek to 2nd Avenue.

Folks got to see some cars awesomely decked out in lights, a perfectly-restored vintage police car rolled down the street with lots of music, and walking, talking candy canes bearing sweet treats.

Groups from around the county wished folks well with fancy decorated floats, and folks in costume.

The parade included one show-stopper.... a minivan, disguised as a bug. there's not a fly swatter big enough...

Earlier Saturday, some of your favorite 25 News personalities greeted folks in the Waco Wonderland parade, as it stepped off along Austin Avenue toward City Hall.

The annual Christmas season parade has become a big draw around town as folks flock downtown for a little holiday cheer.... and of course.... the candy that comes with it.