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Gov. Abbott promises to continue Special Sessions, 54 percent of Texans oppose walkouts study says

Texas State Capitol
Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 23:33:52-04

More than half of Texans do not support Democrats using walk-outs to navigate the voting bill, according to a poll from the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Gov. Abbott cited the study in a tweet Monday night, July 12, after Democrats left the state to stop the Election Integrity Bill from passing. Abbott said he will continue successive Special Sessions until legislators stay, debate, and vote on issues.

“There’s no democracy without the right to vote," said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa in a statement. "Once again, Democrats are standing strong and united to defend the right of every eligible Texas voter to make their voice heard. I’m incredibly proud of our Texas Democratic lawmakers, who continue to fight relentlessly on behalf of Texans, voters, and our democracy."

According to the study, only 27 percent of Texans support walk-outs while 54 percent oppose them; they are opposed most by republicans, 68 percent to 16 percent.

However, the study also took a look at the number of Independents (53 percent to 24 percent), moderates (44 percent to 35 percent) and Democrats (more than a third) that oppose walkouts; additionally, 34 percent of Hispanics support the maneuver while surveyed African-Americans were split on the topic - with 45 percent supporting and 42 percent opposed.

"Democratic lawmakers are protecting our democracy and the citizens of Texas," said Rodolfo Rosales, Texas state director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "The governor couldn’t pass voter suppression legislation in the regular session. Now, he’s trying to do it in a special session but the measures are just as unacceptable to our communities."

The poll conducted by WPA Intelligence has a +/-3.5% margin of error, and surveyed 803 registered voters.

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