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Fort Hood name change will allow community input

Fort Hood
Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 15, 2021

KILLEEN, Texas — After years of attempts, it’s looking like Fort Hood might actually be getting a new name.

Years of arguments for and against changing the name of Fort Hood has brought that possibility one step closer to reality.

Wednesday, Fort Hood leaders are meeting with members of a naming commission to discuss changing the name of the installation.

”This is a formal hearing to allow for community input to allow for the renaming of the base. And they will be hearing not only form LULAC but leaders from other community organizations and mayors from surrounding cities.” said Domingo Garcia, National President of LULAC.

LULAC’s hope is to get one step closer to selecting a new name like Roy Benevidez.

”We've been struggling for over ten years honor sergeant Roy Benevidez. A medal of honor winner and a great American hero. Rambo was based on his life and the fact is that it is long overdue.” said Garcia.

People like retired Army veteran John Valentine, think the name should stay because it is part who they are and the brothers they lost.

”For us, that take away part of who we were and part of who we were with when those tragic things happened in our lives.” said John Valentine, U.S Army Veteran and Founder of Operation Phantom Support.

Though Valentine is against it, he fully understands why others want others want to change the name.

”if we change the name, lets change the name the right way. All I'm hoping for is that they do it the right way and involve our community. Those groups you talked about, the minority groups and our regular groups because it impacts us more than anybody.” said Valentine.

The name is likely to change and veterans like John Valentine just want to make sure the community has part to play in it.

Fort Hood is currently named after Confederate General, John Bell Hood.