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Falls County Community Hospital restricting entrances over coronavirus concerns

Posted at 10:28 AM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 19:23:18-04

MARLIN, TX — The Falls County Community Hospital is restricting entrance to their hospital due to coronavirus concerns.

A sign posted by the hospital reads "out of an overabundance of caution due to the current coronavirus situation, we are restricting entrance to FCHC to only one entrance via the Emergency Room."

When Willie Tillis visits his wife, he now has to take the long way around.

"It's probably a hassle but I know that what they're doing, they're doing it for our safety," Tillis said.

Not everybody likes the inconvenience.

"Well, you gotta get in. I would like to access it, through any way possible," said Paula Abbott of Mart.

Anyone entering the facility will be asked a series of questions related to travel and "must" sanitize their hands before entering the hospital.

Hospital administrators say it all aims to protect the hospital's mostly elderly patients.

But does closing off entrances pose a safety issue?

"The international fire code relies specifically on exit routes Those exits are unimpeded all the exit doors are fully functional," explained Marlin Fire Chief Justin Parker.

”I think they're doing the right thing. Until you kind of pin it down, and the information keeps coming out I think we'll get better at it,” said Marlin City Councilman Scottie Henderson, whose drive through restaurant relies on out of town traffic.

He says he takes precautions like gloves and hand sanitizer.

”We got somebody that handles the money and someone else that handles the food.” Henderson said.

Most people here seem to like that the hospital has done something.

"What if everybody gets sick, then what are we going to do," Tillis asked.

Falls County has no coronavirus cases, but people in Marlin have had a tough time with the flu season after it cleared out city hall and schools for days.

Falls County Community Hospital apologizes for any inconvenience but asks that "everyone do their part in helping to halt the potential spread of COVID-19."