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Faces of Fort Cavazos: 1SG Steven Mosley

Faces of Fort Cavazos: 1SG Steven Mosley
Posted at 6:11 PM, Sep 13, 2023

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — The military is known for training excellent leaders and many of them are stationed at Fort Cavazos.

These are people like Steven Mosley — a proud soldier and First Sergeant in the 1st Cavalry Division.

Not only is he stationed at Fort Cavazos, he is a Texas native from Dallas.

”It was pretty rough, so it showed me what I didn’t want to be around once I got to a certain age,” 1SG Mosley said.

“Other than that — typical being a kid.”

He was inspired to join the Army when he saw how his uncle served before him.

”When he was in, he had come home from Korea and he had this custom made jacket that he used to wear,” 1SG Mosley said.

“I used to ask, 'Where did you get that from?' — he was like, 'Boy, I got this in Korea',".

Now, he's stationed closed to home.

”It’s not always good to be close to home because I'm very accessible,” 1SG Mosley said.

“I’m only a few hours up the road, so more than likely, I will go up there and help.”

At work, he is going above and beyond for soldiers under his command.

”When I was trying to go to the board and stuff, he made sure that he was doing mock boards for the other troopers as well as me,” said Spc. Charity Smith, soldier under 1SG Mosley’s command.

“Which is something that our lower-level leaders should be doing but he took the initiative to do it and make sure we were ready to go to the board.”

That's why she has a message for the leader she says stands out above the rest.

”Thank you for helping me with my career and taking the time to develop me as a soldier,” Smith said.

“As well as pushing my leader to continue that soldier development.”

First Sergeant Steven Mosley leads over 300 1st CAV soldiers at Fort Cavazos while nurturing their talents and going above and beyond when needed.