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Early voting begins across Central Texas

Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 19:29:01-04

Early voting began across Central Texas began Monday ahead of the November 5th election.

It may be an off year, but issues that voters like Kathy Faust care about are on the ballot.

"I do not want a Texas income tax,” Faust said.

Proposition 4 will let voters decide whether the Texas Constitution should be amended to ban legislators from imposing a state income tax on individuals.

"I came from a state that did have an income tax. So you pay county tax, you pay sales tax, you pay income tax, you pay federal taxes. I don’t need anymore taxes,” explained Faust.

Topics ranging from an amendment that would allow municipal judges to hold more than one office, to one that would allow for the creation of a flood infrastructure fund are up for a vote.

McLennan County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe said that she always hopes for a high turnout.

”Hopefully some of the constitutional amendments will bring them out, but we certainly want people to come out and vote,” said Wolfe.

Five early voting locations are now open, and will allow voters to cast their ballot early through next Friday.

Other counties throughout Central Texas have also opened their early polling location doors.

To find you’re early voting location, click here.