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Copperas Cove schools gets creative with virtual classrooms

Posted at 1:44 PM, Aug 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-17 17:57:09-04

COPPERAS COVE, TEXAS — It’s no secret virtual classrooms look a tad different from the real deal, but some teachers in Copperas Cove are using that to their advantage.

Dnaya Sutton is one of the many students who will be experiencing schooling through a computer screen this year.

“I strongly feel I need to be face-to-face with my teachers as well,” She said. “But at the same time, I understand why I have to be home.”

While some kids won’t be attending in-person classes, their classrooms will include personalized decor that showcases the subject matter.

“I have to implement history and English,” Tequila Stirtmire, a 6th-grade humanities teacher said. “So things that are on the wall that will make them say ‘Ms. Stirtmire, what is that? What is this about? What's that old thing over there? And that will strike up conversation.”

Instructors say the devotion to creating a welcoming environment will encourage students to be more attentive and engaged while at home. Some older students, though, will miss what high school has to offer.

“For the kids, it’ll be perfect for them. For the high schoolers, we like to have fun and get to enjoy activities,” Sutton admitted. “For the seniors, we won't be able to enjoy the activities like we did last year, so it’s going to be harder for us.”

Along with the many technical challenges students and teachers will face this year, one of the hardest is closer to the heart.

“If I had to pick one,” Stirtmire said while smiling. “I’d just say that not being able to share the hugs, the high fives and the handshakes throughout the year. That’s the challenge.”

Students are expected to go back to school next week whether in person or remote.