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Community outraged after Marlin ISD coach suspended after players left scuff marks on floor

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 18:25:07-05

Marlin ISD head basketball coach Jameus Hartsfield was suspended after players left scuff marks on the floor, according to an online petition.

"Coach Hartsfield is being punished for his efforts to change the perception of our young men who attend Marlin High School," the petition says.

The marks reportedly were left on the floor after a photoshoot.

Thousands of signatures are on the petition.

Marlin ISD released a statement on Wednesday regarding the Facebook post and online petition.

"The recent post shared on Facebook about the Marlin High School basketball team states inaccurate information in its totality and has been purposefully skewed to blatantly mislead the reader and community," said the school district.

"Administration is wanting Coach Jameus Hartsfield to pay out his pocket to get the scuff marks removed," according to the petition.

Marlin ISD confirmed Hartsfield has been with the district as head basketball coach since April 2021.

Many people have left comments in support of the coach.

I am a middle school teacher who has seen this type of situation more than once at my own place of work. Priorities are all off and the people who ... put in the most direct and indirect effort for the kids are expected to be okay with being slapped in the face.
Cha’Mario C.