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Community has concerns after increase in indictments for child sexual abuse in Corsicana

Navarro Courthouse
Posted at 1:28 AM, May 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 02:28:58-04

CORSICANA, TX — When a recent grand jury indictment list included the names of five people charged with child sexual abuse, lots of folks in Corsicana and Navarro County started to take notice of the problem.

Around that same time, authorities arrested two school teachers and charged them with child sexual abuse.

But now, the community has taken the problem and are searching for a solution.

Erin Curry's son and daughter play freely on the playground because their mother sits nearby watching their every move.

She says you can't be too careful these days of people who would cause our children harm

"I don't think this town has a problem any more than any other town in America. I feel like it's an epidemic across our entire society," Curry said.

Others though, grew concerned when a recent list of grand jury indictments showed five people charged with child sexual abuse. Also with the arrests of two school teachers.

And while seven defendants may sound like a lot, Corsicana police say safe surroundings start with all of us

"It takes more than the police to create a safe community anywhere," said Corsicana Police Department Chief Robert Johnson. "Not just seeing us when there is a problem, but getting to know us when there are no problems. I think by doing that, people feel comfortable with approaching us with information."

Johnson believes it begins with fostering good community relations between people here, and the police.

He believes the uptick in child molestation cases comes from more people willing to report it.

Still, this community recognized a problem, discussed it, and started looking for ways to address it.

The Corsicana Daily Sun newspaper got involved and published a wide-ranging editorial, making note of the problem, and urging readers to take action.

"We also want to create a society where it's OK, to say something," said editor Michael Kormos.

The editorial team pointed out the urgency of saying something to authorities and provided contact information for Texas agencies that investigate child abuse.

"I think that's the responsibility of a community newspaper in general, is to take the issues that matter to us, and make them timely," Kormos added.

Almost everywhere you look, you'll see signs of this community's determination, to, if not eliminate the problem, eliminate another month in which seven people face a judge on child sexual abuse charges.

Erin Curry believes it will take a change in attitudes.

"I think if they feel that their children are in danger, they will learn," Curry said.

Authoties said, if you see something, say something.