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Former nurse with 'addiction' arrested for allegedly stealing patient's drugs

Posted at 5:33 PM, Apr 07, 2022

BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas — An employee with the Clinton Lutheran Sunset Ministries Retirement Home was arrested after allegedly stealing prescribed drugs from the facility.

"This person used their position with CLSM to take medication away from an elderly patient when he was in dire need of it, for their own addiction," said Chief of Police Chris Blanton in a press release.

Clifton police stated they were first contacted by CLSM when the retirement home suspected the former employee of stealing drugs reserved for their residents.

Ashley Kay Bidwell, 43, a former nurse with CLSM has been charged with injury to the elderly, state jail felony, and diversion of a controlled substance. She has since been fired.

CEO and President of CLSM Rodney Rueter said they have been cooperating with the Clifton police. In their own press release, Rueter said Bidwell managed to pass the Texas Department of Public Safety's criminal background check and drug test.

He also stated the Texas Board of Nursing did not indicate any potential issues in their own registry check.

They also made clear no other resident or staff member has been harmed from this isolated incident.

The investigation involved CLSM, the Texas State Nursing Board, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Bidwell has been transferred to the Bosque County Jail and has a bond of $150,000, according to Clifton police.