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Civic on 7th hosts live performances to encourage vaccinations

7th Street Pedestrian Plaza
Posted at 10:54 PM, Jul 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-30 12:18:47-04

Artists in Waco took the stage on 7th street to provide resources to vaccinations in a creative way through art and performances.

"Well I love so much that we get to see Waco for what it is," said Meredith Marcum, director and event coordinator with Civic on 7th. "We have a cabaret about places starting and ending with songs about Waco, and we have a very diverse selection of music cause Waco has so much culture to it, and so many types of people and music. And you can see that in the song selections. Having a year off from performing people are more eager than ever to get back to performing and so it was easy to find local performers to come do this gig."

This is all part of a concert series called Civic on 7th hosted by the Waco Civic Theater, thanks to a grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts. Local artists and performers will become vaccine ambassadors; hosting different kinds of arts experiences to help spread knowledge on vaccinations.

"Right we don't want any kind of relapse from last time we want people to be smart and make good choices and also we want to keep progressing, and we want to go back to where we were with performance," said Marcum.

Each performance is organized by different artists all with the same goal - to increase vaccinations and help keep audiences and performances alive.

"I think it's wonderful, I think any opportunity that we can have to promote vaccines and encourage people to get vaccinated is really important. And this is a fun way this is how we get back to normal, and enjoy our concerts, and enjoy our festivals, and go outside and meeting people that's really going to make a difference," said Kelly Craine, the PIO with the Waco-Mclennan County Public Health District.

In partnership with Creative Waco and the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, health officials were on-site to provide free walk-up vaccinations during the show.

"The first one was a little slow I think people didn't realize this was going to happen, so we're going to continue to promote it, this is number two we're going to have four of them so it's just one way if not to promote it at least to get people education to understand about it. Just enjoy yourself, enjoy the music enjoy getting back to normal, and enjoy getting vaccinated," said Craine.

The next performance is Thursday, August 5 which will be a night of gospel music.

The events are completely free and family-friendly.