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City of Rockdale suffers near catastrophic water loss

City was working to repair sixth major break on Monday
Posted at 11:20 PM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-21 00:20:54-04

After suffering six main water breaks over Father's Day weekend and in the span of close to 48 hours, City of Rockdale officials say they are cautiously optimistic the situation is underhand.

Both the Rockdale City Administrator Barbara Holly and Mayor of Rockdale Brett Boren said on Monday crews were working on repairing the sixth leak to the water system She said that over the weekend, the city faced near catastrophic water failure after six water mains broke. She says right now; crews are working on fixing the last break.

"When the crews go into fixing the water line they are too old and brittle to maintain the fix," Holly said. "They've been working round the clock. Within moments were hoping the last of those repairs will hold."

Mayor Boren goes on to say crews have been working round the clock the past few days, and right now he's maintaining the hope these fixes will hold. He says the City is in line for grant money to replace these 100+ year-old lines.

"It can't come soon enough."

Despite the community coming together during this time, Mayor Boren, who owns Brett's Backyard Barbecue a local business that was having water service restored as of Monday afternoon says he anticipates he would see a snowball effect further upstream with this situation as we progress further into summer.

"Hot ground surface temperatures and recent drought haven't been a help."