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Chip and Joanna announce second show for Magnolia network

Posted at 11:48 AM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-05 12:49:50-05

Chip and Joanna Gains have announced the second show for their Magnolia network.

The network is set to launch Oct. 4.

Joanna posted a clip introducing "Growing Floret" on her Twitter.

According to Deadline, "the series centers around Floret Flower Farm in Washington’s Skagit Valley, one of the most successful organic flower farms in the United States. It follows founder Erin Benzakein and her team as they attempt to turn more than 20 acres of chemically damaged and overfarmed land into an extension of their fully functioning, self-sustaining, organic flower farm."

"Ever since discovering Floret Flower Farm, I have been endlessly inspired by the courage, hard work, and beauty that they're putting into the world. We’re so excited to tell more of their story on our network launching this October," said Joanna.

Floret Flowers said they started receiving requests from production companies a year ago.

"After sitting through close to a dozen conference calls, it became abundantly clear that none of the show concepts were a good fit for us. We sat down as a team and decided that we were done entertaining the idea of any type of show unless we could tell the real story of Floret and the bigger mission we’re working towards," they posted on their website.

The other show planned for Magnolia network is called "Home on the Road."