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Central Texas blood supply at 30-year all time low

Posted at 7:07 PM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-23 20:07:32-04

WACO, TX — Blood supply in Central Texas is at an all time low. Some doctors in our area tell us they haven't seen it like this in decades.

Carter Blood Care said it has been 30 years since levels were this "dangerously low." According to the center, almost every type is in the critical stage which will only last two more days.

Pete Younger is a frequent donor and is just one of the individuals who made his way on Wednesday afternoon to donate blood at the Woodway location.

"I'm here every two weeks," Younger said.

Younger said he donates blood often because it's the right thing to do and because he is personally connected to this cause.

"I had a good friend going through chemotherapy and she was needing the platelets so I donated so I could help people like her," Younger said.

Linda Goelzer, spokesperson for Carter Blood Care said blood supply is at an all time low in Central Texas for multiple reasons.

"There were no blood drives to be had when everything was shut down," Goelzer said. "There were no schools or places of worship or schools open to say hey we will host a drive."

Goelzer told 25 News hospitals and donations centers depend on people like Younger through hard times.

"I started giving blood almost 25 years ago and I did it because of my dad, and now I continue to do it because of the people I've known who were saved by a transfusion," Younger said. "It really puts a face to the need."

At Baylor Scott & White, Dr. Bill Morgan said if the blood supply stays low, it will impact the way they can do their jobs.

"If this goes on, it will ultimately go to a point where people won't and might not make it if we can't give them the blood," Dr. Morgan said.

Baylor Scott & White said the lack of blood is not affecting the elective surgeries just yet.

If you'd like to give blood there are donation centers across Central Texas.