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Center uses blue envelopes to raise awareness on child abuse

Posted at 6:36 PM, Nov 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-22 19:36:51-05

The Children's Advocacy Center of Central Texas has been sending out blue envelopes to spread awareness and save children from abusive homes.

"Often times kids don’t tell because they're threatened. They're fearful of what it’ll do to their family," said the Children's Advocacy Center of Central Texas Executive Director Michelle Carter.

Last year alone, more than 1,300 children became child abuse victim.

"The only way we're gonna end it is if we talk about it. These cases are so complicated. They're so horrible. They're so traumatic. They're so horrific," said Carter.

The CACCT was able to help 815 of those children through trauma treatment and other forms of therapy.

"We are a safe, comfortable or neutral place for kids to come to tell what has or hasn’t happened to them," said Carter.

She said the number of reported child abuse cases in Central Texas has been growing because victims are more open to come forward. Thanks to awareness efforts like the blue envelopes, CACCT is helping others spot and report abuse.

"Everybody has to work together, share information, have the child and the family's best interest at heart," said Carter.

They urge to always say something if you spot signs of child abuse or visit the resources on their website.