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Celebrity retires to Central Texas

Celebrity retires to Central Texas
celebrity longhorn  retires in groesbeck
Posted at 1:23 AM, Nov 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 02:23:21-05

GROESBECK, TX — Another celebrity came home to Central Texas recently... to enjoy retirement.

This isn't just any celebtrity.... we wanted to make sure he'd settled in before we revealed his presense here....

But now, we can tell you... and show you... where to find this former star.

When it comes to famous actors, Texas has no shortage of them... I learned that covering Hollywood years ago. Texas captured the interest of lots of actors as a place to shine outside California.

Now, another famous name has come to call Central Texas, Groesbeck specifically, home.

"Valentino? Well he belongs to my son. He was a member of the Fort Worth herd for 8 years," said rancher Larry Smith.

Smith was the first rancher in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to open his cattle ranch to tourists at the height of the Dallas and J.R. Ewing TV craze.

His celebrated longhorn, a fixture on the forth worth scene, strutted his stuff up and down exchange avenue for the benefit of tourists.

After 8 years, and countless live shows... the spotlight dimmed a bit for Valentino... named, not for the famous cinema leading man, but for the fact he came into the world on valentine's day on 2003... that's almost 75 in human years.

"He was 16 years old, he was getting a little arthritis like all of us and I just decided this was a good place to retire him," Smith said.

And after years in the spotlight... and special diets, Valentino can now enjoy the simple pleasures of life in Limestone County.

”When he walked off the trailer, I had range cubes out for the cows... first thing he did was drop his head and start eating grass,” said Smith.

You can visit this movie star at Larry Smith's farm just outside Groesbeck... he doesn't do autographs but he will give you a taste of Texas you won't soon forget.

How's he enjoying life in Groesbeck?

"Oh he's enjoying it," said Smith.