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Bosque County Rainbow Room ransacked by juveniles, hopes to rebuild for open house

Posted at 8:37 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 21:45:20-04

MERIDIAN, TX — Four juveniles were caught in connection to the early July destruction of the newly renovated Bosque County Rainbow Room.

The volunteers who run the facility described glass covering the floor, graphic symbols and words written on the walls, and destroyed diapers, toys and formula containers.

The multi-purpose facility supplies children who are collected by Child Protective Service with what they need. The Bosque County Rainbow Room also acts as a facility where children can meet with their families to reconnect and spend time together.

Volunteers had been working on their new facility for months when the vandalism occurred, and now an open house they had planned to throw in October, may not be possible.

"We all work full time jobs so it's nights weekends, holidays and not just us but our family members" explained their chairmen and regional board member Sharon Wilson.

Wilson also explained the facility runs strictly on donations and money raised from annual fundraisers.

When Central Texas News Now asked what their facility would need to be able to throw the open house as planned , their chairman of the board, Kay Davalos said "come and volunteer time, to help us get ready to fix the place back up to where these kids can come and visit their families."