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Big Baylor Game Big Business for Waco

Big Baylor Game Big Business for Waco
Carla's food truck
Posted at 9:55 PM, Nov 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-16 23:40:27-05

WACO, TX — While Baylor and Okahoma battled it out for bragging rights on the banks of the Brazos, some say the real winner was Waco, or at least Waco businesses.

McLennan merchants cleaned up, and made a pretty penny.

David Boyd didn't expect to have to sit outside at his favorite health food burger joint, but on College Game Day he says you take what you can get.

"Normal Saturday, I'm sittin' at home, on the couch, flippin' between two games. But I had to be here because, O-U & Baylor 9&0 and 8&1!" said the longtime football coach from Van Alstyne, Texas.

College football's top matchup and National TV exposure, brought lots of people here just like Boyd, the football coach... all spending big money.

"With a 6:30 kickoff, having to get a room tonight, quite a bit more," he said.

From grocery stores, to restaurants, Waco packed 'em in... and cashed in.

It kept Carla Dotson and her family busy, with steady business.

”Have you seen more Oklahoma fans or Baylor fans today? Ah, I've seen more Baylor fans today. I've seen the Oklahoma fans today because I've seen the flags passing by, but they just lookin',” said the "Boardwalk on Elm" food truck owner.

There's an old saying in the tourism business that every dollar spent on a day like today and turn over 6 to 10 times, That means every dollar spent here could put ten into the local economy. That means more jobs and sometimes better pay for those jobs.

The figure comes from Testimony to the United States Congress from the Boston Convention and visitors bureau.

That's more money for Carla's family like nephew Jamon.

"We made a little money today so yeah, exciting," said Carla.

Jamie and Bubba Wells from the Dallas area said they gave up their season tickets just a little too early.

"We had season tickets for the last couple of years, but we gave 'em up last year, at the end of last season because we had a baby, and we're like we're not gonna get down here with three kids so we gave 'em up. And I was like, It wasn't even until this game that made me regret giving up the season tickets because I'm like,
9 and 0, we're about to play OU this is the biggest game in Baylor's history, so we had to find a way down here, so we go from season tickets, to the grass, to the grass. Berm tickets," said the couple.

But come kickoff time, all eyes turned to the game.

”Tonight, we'll be at the game,” Dotson said.

Because nothing thrills like the top matchup in college football.

Except that big pile of money Waco Business will start counting on Sunday.

”Do I think the town's gonna benefit from this financially? Oh yes. How much? A million, have-ta” said Boyd.