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Bail reform and election integrity take center stage in special session

Posted at 8:26 AM, Jul 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-08 12:59:34-04

WACO, TX — At the top of the list for this special session is the most recent voting bill. It's a piece of legislation Governor Abbott wants sent to his desk.

Those who support the bill say the changes will help ensure a more secure election process. Those who are against the bill say it will discourage voter turnout, especially in minority communities.

Some Waco residents are expressing a different type of concern. And that is the negative impact it could have on those who are disabled.

"My dad is 78 years old he walks with a cane he's worked 56 years of his life and I believe he should have every right to vote, and I believe the capability should be there," Pamela DeGrate said.

Another issue that will be presented is the restoration of the funds to the legislative branch. Governor Abbott vetoed it last month. Some of the other priorities include border security issues, social media censorship and critical race theory.

Poster image-2.jpg
Some of the top priorities in this month's special session.

Another top priority is bail reform. The recent bail reform bill died during the regular session. The bill makes it tougher to bond out of jail without cash, especially if you've committed a violent offense.

The bill would allow magistrate judges the tools to keep violent offenders from bonding out of jail said several bondsmen here in Waco, who chose not to do an on-camera interview.

"The bondsmen take a risk, say he bonds someone out of jail, they don't show up. They do make the bondsmen pay for him not showing up, depends on the county where you're at, but you can wind up the full-face value of the bond. Some counties might let you"

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