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Advocacy group takes out ad against alcohol in Gatesville

Posted at 7:18 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 20:18:31-05

GATESVILLE — A group has taken a massive half page ad out in the Gatesville Messenger calling for city ordnance change.

Charlie Wise, one of the ad's authors, explained it was after "Corks and Kegs", a beer and wine event held in the town square, that he felt the need to speak up.

He said he and others feel an alcohol-based event was tasteless, especially after their town lost two teenagers in a DUI crash just months ago.

"I felt like it was so insensitive. It was so thoughtless. It was an insult to the community," said Wise.

Wise said adults need to be better role models for youth.

"When are we, as responsible adults, when is it going to get so bad that we decide to do something about it and stop being such a bad example?" he questioned.

Mayor Gary Chumley of Gatesville told 25 News the event met all needed licensing and permit requirements.

Sabrina Foster, Chamber of Commerce President for Gatesville, explained the event was her idea and said it was purely commerce driven.

"It was an idea to just build commerce up in our downtown. It is a little bit of a dying downtown, and we want to revitalize a little," she said.

Some of the money raised during the Corks and Kegs event will help aid three new small businesses, which will soon fill vacant storefronts in Gatesville's town square, according to Foster.

Wise and his group explained they want to respectfully request change.

"All were asking of the city council and the mayor is that they pass an ordinance that prohibits the promotion and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or any other mind-altering drug on property that’s governed by the City," said Wise.

The large half page ad is scheduled to run in four consecutive editions of the Gatesville Messenger.