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Police arrest 8 people in Marlin during execution of search warrant

Posted at 2:15 PM, Dec 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 11:38:21-05

MARLIN, TX — The Falls County Sheriff's Office arrested eight people at a home in Marlin after executing a search warrant and discovering methamphetamines.

An ongoing investigation led to officials issuing the warrant for the home, which is located on County Road 220, also known as Pear Orchard Lane in Marlin.

Sheriff Scaman reports that informants said the home is like a "7-11 store as it was open and doing business at all hours of the day and night."

At 8 p.m. on December 6, Sheriff Scaman and deputies executed the warrant and first encountered two people in the front yard.

The two people were identified as Devitte Simpson, 47, and Keith Lamont Williams Jr., 31, both from Marlin. They were both in possession of methamphetamine and were arrested.

Sheriff Scaman and deputies then continued and entered the home, where they found six more people in the living room area.

Officials say drug paraphernalia found near the individuals indicated all six were consuming an illegal substances just before Falls County officials arrived.

"A search was conducted of the residence and more Methamphetamine was located," said Sheriff Scaman.

The six people were also arrested and have been identified as Reneisha Armstead, 20, Shannon Goodridge, 49, Torion Laury, 27, Rickey Joe Mitchell, 35, Dominic Perez, 21, and Irvin Velazquez, 35. All of the suspects are from Marlin or Rosebud.

Officials say Irvin Velazquez was also charged with two other counts of "Dangerous Drugs," in addition to the methamphetamine charge.

"This was a good wake-up call to those who engage in possession and usage of illegal substances," said Scaman. "This investigation has just begun with the possibility of more arrests and search warrants in the coming months based on this investigation alone."

Anyone who sees suspicious activity is encouraged to call Sheriff Scaman or one of his deputies at 254-803-1000 or Falls County CRIMESTOPPERS at 254-883-0332 and report such, said officials.