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3 years later, Justin Bibles' family is still seeking answers

Posted at 9:39 AM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-04 15:12:36-04

"What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!" chants the crowd outside the McLennan County Courthouse.

It's a rallying cry heard in the heart of Downtown Waco.

The community gathers to seek justice in the case of murder victim Justin Wayne Bibles. The District Attorney showing up to the rally today to also send a message.

"Say his name!" says cousin Sunny on the microphone in the hot midday sun outside the courthouse.

"Justin Wayne Bibles," replies the crowd holding signs and t-shirts with Justin's face and name on them.

For three years, Justin's family waited for answers. Now they demand it.

"Until justice is served I will be saying Justice for Justin!" said Mother Zada Bridgewater.

"We still have a voice and I will have this voice until the good Lord says I don't," she said.

The rally is a call for justice in the case that sits open.

"So our main message today is for the DA's office and Waco PD our eyes are on this, we're not letting go. We're not letting up," said Change Waco Activist Hope Balfa-Mustakim.

District Attorney Barry Johnson attended the rally and told the crowd he's frustrated too but "I want you to know we're still working on it and we'll continue to work on it as long as I'm here," he said.

A member of the Waco Police Department was also in attendance.

Last year a call-in campaign to the DA's office got the family a meeting with DA Johnson but still no action.

"Three years ago is not that long to some people but to me, it's been a lifetime. It's hard to bury your child and then for justice not to be served because the next person says there's not enough evidence," said Bridgewater.

May 1, 2018, Justin Bibles was murdered outside the Red Lobster in Waco. Now the community started the "Justice for Justin" Facebook and Instagram pages to seek tips.

"Waco PD failed. I feel like they failed. Now their response is more evidence. They're throwing it back on the community. So let's give them the evidence they need. Any information you feel like...oh that's not important, it could be. It could be that little bit that puts it all together," said Bridgewater.

"Say his name! Say his name," chants cousin Tashita Bibles on the microphone.

She along with Rodney DeWayne performed spoken word poetry to the crowd.

"He was a 32-year-old man. Four beautiful children. I have to live without my son and they have to live without their father so yeah, justice for Justin," said Bridgewater.

Kenneth Smith was arrested in 2018 for the murder but a grand jury did not indict him.

He was sent to prison shortly after on an unrelated crime and was released in 2021 on parole.

A tip line is active right now if you have any information. Call 254-294-7404 or Waco Crime Stoppers at 254-753-HELP. You can also go online to the Justice for Justin Facebook page to submit a tip.

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