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$2.9 million may be given to cybersecurity research at Texas A&M Central Texas

Posted at 8:42 PM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 21:42:32-04

Recent cyber-attacks have shed new light on how vulnerable we all are when it comes to cybersecurity.

At Texas A&M Central Texas they are taking research and education in cybersecurity very seriously, and one large investment could make a huge impact on what they can achieve.

U.S. Representative John Carter has successfully secured $2.9 million in cybersecurity research funding for the university, as part of the Defense Appropriations bill.

The money would be to help fund research that is both crucial and time-sensitive.

”In today’s world, cyber is part of the future battlefield. In fact, we’re seeing it right now with these cyberattacks on both industry and governmental locations," said Congressman John Carter.

The fight against cyber-attackers is a battle that Texas A&M Central Texas is excited to join.

”You know there’s a nationwide, if not worldwide, concern about cybersecurity and we’ve been fortunate enough to accelerate a program at a small new university,” said Dr. Marc Nigliazzo, President of Texas A&M Central Texas.

This nearly $3-million in funding would actually be in addition to prior funding.

”Two years ago we received $4-million also coming through with the support of Congressman Carter to actually get this cyber-center, that we’ll be opening, up and running.” said Dr. Nigliazzo.

Both Texas A&M Central Texas and Congressman Carter see the need for the research ... especially due to the school's proximity to Fort Hood, as the benefits will go to the Army and national defense.

”Researching how to harden DOD assets and other assets so that they can have a defense against cyber-attacks ... I think that is worthy,” said Congressman Carter.

The university's initial grant helped develop the program and cybersecurity lab at Founders Hall on campus. But this additional funding would expand the program and dramatically increase the impact they could have on one of the world's most pressing current issues.

The Defense Appropriations bill has already passed out of committee and is expected to hit the House floor later this month.