Leaders in Killeen weigh in on Proposition A

Posted at 6:48 AM, Oct 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-23 12:15:03-04

KILLEEN, Texas — As the 2022 elections draw closer, some people in Killeen are very passionate about one proposition.

Its over the legal enforcement that police officers have when it comes to marijuana in Killeen.

Dozens gathered at Lions Club Park senior center in Killeen to hear from community leaders about the support and opposition when it comes to proposition A. The proposition states it would prohibit Killeen police officers from issuing citations or making arrests for Class A or Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana offenses except in limited circumstances.

Some are not in favor of this.

Those against Prop A say it will go against the oath police officers took to uphold state law in Texas, but those who are in support of the Prop A says it will put guidance in place that would make a more even field for marijuana users in Killeen.

Julie Oliver, executive director with Ground Game Texas, favors Proposition A.

“Killeen residents are 40 percent of the city yet 80 percent of arrest are for misdemeanor marijuana," Oliver said. "When you include all people of color its 92 percent of arrest in Killeen are people of color for misdemeanor marijuana possession. We know usage is the same across all demographics.”

Still Christopher Bray, Bell County commissioner candidate for Precinct 2, said the police have a duty to uphold state law.

Bray opposes Proposition A.

“If this proposition passes at the ballot no matter what Killeen does, the Killeen police department is not going to enforce it because they are sworn to uphold state law and this proposition conflicts with state law," Bray said.