NewsJustice for Vanessa Guillen


Family and supporters of Vanessa Guillen protest outside McLennan County courthouse

Posted at 8:51 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 21:51:25-04

WACO, TX — Despite the heat, the family and supporters of Vanessa Guillen were protesting outside the courthouse against the request for Cecily Aguliar's confession to be thrown out.

Cheers, chants, and a round of applause erupted outside of the McClennan County courthouse after the judge's decision to not throw out Cecily Aguilar's testimony.

Vanessa's youngest sister Lupe, was outside leading a group of protesters, demanding justice for her sister.

"I couldn’t even go in there just thinking about what she did to her after she was dead that is being heartless with no remorse," said Lupe Guillen.

Lupe lives with the pain of know knowing what happened to her sister. Still, she stands tall and loud, fighting for justice.

Protesters like Lilie Jasso were inspired by the Guillen family and their relentless call to action, "I think it’s very important to stand up for everybody’s protection because she was protecting us and she didn’t get the same protection."

Jasso drove nearly 10 hours just to protest outside the courthouse.

Larissa Martinez drove in from San Antonio, "I’ve been coming and following the case since back when she was missing she had her hands involved and so she needs to serve some type of justice."

Although the judge ruled in their favor, Lupe says the fight is far from over, "And I will never stop but we will never stop fighting we will keep pushing for the right thing to be done and we’re also pushing for the legislation and I am Vanessa Guillen act."