IRS now accepting tax returns for 2022

Posted at 6:58 AM, Jan 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-24 07:59:21-05

WACO, Texas — Today is the official first day that the IRS will start collecting your tax returns, but if you haven’t gotten started no need to worry.

Keshia Miller has been working in the tax industry for over 25 years… and after moving to Waco, Miller and her husband decided it was time to open their own tax business.

“We thought we could do it ourselves and bring transparency and education,” Miller, Co-Owner of Prosperity Tax Service, said.

With years of helping countless clients, some of the most common mistakes on a tax return according to Miller are misspellings.

“Double check the names, numbers, addresses and social security numbers. That is the most common problem on all tax returns,” Miller said.

Another is forgetting to include a second or third job.

“That can change a whole lot about your financial situation for the year,” Miller warned.

And there are a few things to remember, and maybe even wait for, before you start filling out that tax form.

“If you have college-age children or you are in college as well, please wait for your school documents," Miller said. "That could automatically put 1,000 to 2,500 dollars directly back into your pocket.”

You also want to make sure you have two specific forms that the IRS will be sending out this year. One form is to verify the amount that was given for the advance child tax credit, the other form is to verify the amount that you received from the last round of stimulus checks.

“They will stop the processing on that tax return altogether and they won’t revisit it until October,” Miller said.

Miller recommends making an account on the IRS official website to see all your official documents.

Tax day in 2022 will be on April 18.