Mother shares son's story after he walked in front of 18-wheeler in Waco

A mothers plea after loosing her sun to Suicide
Colton White write music to help deal with the death of his brother.
All that's left are pictures
Stetson Hoskins
Stetson was a typical kid
Life after Stetson
Posted at 6:24 PM, Oct 20, 2021
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WACO, Texas — Elizabeth Waller says Jan. 10, 2020, is a day she'll never forget.

That is the day her oldest son, Stetson Hoskins, lost his battle to mental illness.

The 24-year-old walked in front of an 18-wheeler after making threats to do so.

Stetson had struggled with mental health issues since about the age of 19. Stetson's mother says while her son was in school, he was outgoing and had a love for baseball.

"Oh he loved baseball. He played tee-ball at the age of four. [He] played all the way through high school," said Waller.

Stetson Hoskins
Stetson Hoskins was your typical kid before dealing with mental health issues. Hoskins was in and out of jail. His mother Elizabeth Waller was evicted several times due to her sons violence.

Stetson had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

His mother had a difficult time understanding how to deal with the mental illnesses.

"I wish I had been more patient," said Waller.

All that's left are pictures
Elizabeth Waller, looking at pictures, showing how her oldest son Stetson Hoskins started getting sick.

When Stetson would have manic episodes, he would become violent. He told his mother he was going to have to kill himself, if not he would kill her.

"I didn't understand totally what he was going through," said Waller.

Stetson refused to take medication

One day during an argument, Waller recorded a heated argument with her son. She was asking him to start taking medication. Stetson refused.

Stetson was a typical kid
Stetson would play sports and wanted to be the center of attention before mental health started taking over his life

Stetson also refused treatment for a while.

He would talk about trying to get the voices out of his head.

"I can't do it anymore, so I’ll be out broke," said Stetson in an argument.

Homeless living in a hotel

Stetson became homeless after his mother — who was also trying to raise her younger son Colton — was evicted several times because of his behavior.

Colton White write music to help deal with the death of his brother.
Colton White writes music about the death of his older brother.

Colton had a special bond with his brother. Stetson would teach him to play baseball, ask girls out, and teach him the way.

I looked at him like a hero, and to see your hero on ground zero like that.

Colton White

Stetson trying to get help

Stetson finally tried to get help at The Crisis Treatment Center in Waco, which is run by the Heart of Texas Region Mental Health Mental Retardation Center in collaboration with the Providence Healthcare Network.

On January 8, 2020, medical records show Stetson started attacking employees. He was placed on the floor and put in handcuffs. He was discharged and received a ticket for assault.

Stetson said he would walk out on Highway 6 in front of an 18 wheeler.

He was given medication and was able to settle down.

The day Stetson died

Stetson was released on Jan. 10. The hospital gave him information about homeless shelters and sent him on his way.

Life after Stetson
Elizabeth and Colton are trying to put the pieces back together. Both admit getting angry about the situation. They say no family should have to experience the pain.

Stetson's mother was not living in Waco.

"He called me and said they're making me leave," said Waller.

Stetson's mother didn't have a car and was looking for a ride to get Stetson.

Elizabeth Waller goes to sleep each night hoping her sons death was just a nightmare.

Before she could get to him, Elizabeth received the call that Stetson was dead.

Stetson's mother places some blame on the hospital.

Life after death

Elizabeth is now trying to piece her life back together. She's living near Tyler and opened up a store to sell arts and crafts.

"No one should be embarrassed about mental health," said Waller.

Stetson's younger brother is writing music to help cope with the death.

Both admit it's been difficult.