In-depth: Russians living in Texas against the Ukraine war & and demand it to end

Posted at 7:27 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-07 22:20:02-05

AUSTIN, Texas — Outside the State Capitol, a group of Russians who now call the Lone Star State home make a demand.

"I think that every person should expose themselves to the information and make their own judgment," said Oleg Litvinov originally from Moscow, Russia.

Russia’s censorship office threatens to block all of Wikipedia in the country if the website doesn’t delete information about Russian soldier casualties and military violence against Ukrainian civilians.

Whether or not their cries from Austin has an impact on ending the war, having the opportunity to protest is something he recognizes.

"Regardless of how this ends, we will pay for generations of rightful anger and hatred towards our people. Just to be clear, we never had a choice since the soviet power was put in place and we still don't have a choice," said Litvinov.

To take an hour out of his day and spend it letting his voice be heard is a dream come true.

"Right now across Texas there are over seven thousand people in jail for expressing their opinions," said Litvinov."We have the luxury of having freedom. In Russia, it's both illegal and it's social death."

In-depth preview: Russians living in Texas against the Ukraine war & and demand it to end

He and his family are not fans of Putin and believe he does not adequately represent the Russian people

"Even if you share the news with your friend or you share a news article describing something outside the official narrative, you're done," said Litvinov.

The group plans to continue having their voices heard. It's a gift for freedom.