Wacoans join Miracle Ear mission trip to Puerto Rico, give out 350 free hearing aids

Posted at 5:17 PM, Dec 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-21 22:10:40-05

WACO, Texas — Six Wacoans joined the Miracle Ear Foundation on a mission trip to Puerto Rico this month.

"When the concept of our group joining the mission came up, there was just no question," Alicia Curry of Miracle Ear - Waco told 25 News. "If there was a mission, we'd be going on it."

Alicia Curry, Pat Curry, Nidia Garcia and Steve Key joined 20 others from across the country. Together the group fit 175 people for free hearing aids.

"When you can change people's lives who can't afford it, but need it, it's just such an incredible experience," Pat Curry said. "Being able to experience that in our local offices as well and then seeing it in Puerto Rico was crazy. Just the excitement of the people and how proud they were and how thankful they were that we were able to do that."

This was Miracle Ear's first mission trip off the continental US, but the foundation has handed out more than 30,000 free products domestically in the last 30 years.

"Our professionals are seeking out people who are needing help in their communities more than anything" Pat said.

According to the foundation, approximately 150,000 Puerto Ricans are deaf or hard of hearing and many unable to afford the care they need.

Waco volunteers say it feels great and is incredibly humbling to give back to some of those people during the holidays.

"I think we probably take hearing for granted because it comes to natural to us so to see someone hear for the first time or to be able to hear clearly was really rewarding," Nidia Garcia said.

"The fun part for me too was being able to watch our people getting to participate and help patients with their hearing, help them understand how to use their hearing aids and what the future is going to be like was, I would say, life-changing," Pat said.

The group said they are already looking forward to helping more people on their next trip.