In-Depth: No, crack pipes aren't being funded by the Biden Administration

Joe Biden
Posted at 10:44 AM, Feb 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-11 11:58:50-05

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz along with several other Republicans went to Social Media saying "Biden crime policy: Crack pipes for all. What could go wrong?"

The information is false. Conservative media outlets claimed the Biden’s administration would put $30 million of funding toward passing out crack pipes in safe smoking kits.

"They were never a part of the kit; it was inaccurate reporting. And we wanted to put out information to make that clear," said Press Secretary Jen Psaki. "A safe-smoking kit may contain alcohol swabs, lip balm, other materials."

Sarah Lovenheim, HHS Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, went to social media to set the record straight.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said in December 2021 that it was accepting applications for the first-ever SAMHSA harm reduction grant program. The agency is expected to issue $30 million in grants.

Harm reduction grant program document says the following items will be in the kits.

  • Infectious diseases testing kits (HIV, HBV, HCV, etc.);
  • Medication lock boxes;
  • FDA-approved overdose reversal medication (as well as higher dosages
    now approved by FDA);
  • Safe sex kits, including PrEP resources and condoms;
  • Safe smoking kits/supplies;
  • Screening for infectious diseases (HIV, sexually transmitted infections,
    viral hepatitis);
  • Sharps disposal and medication disposal kits;
  • Substance test kits, including test strips for fentanyl and other synthetic
  • Syringes to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases;
  • Vaccination services (hepatitis A, hepatitis B vaccination); and
  • Wound care management supplies