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Florida boy honoring Trooper Chad Walker with mile run

Running 4 Heroes Trooper Walker
Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 11:03:34-04

BELL COUNTY, TX — Support for fallen DPS Trooper Chad Walker isn’t hard to come by in Central Texas.

That support is now traveling beyond Texas’ borders as 12-year-old Zechariah Cartledge from Florida will honor the Trooper by running exactly one mile with a flag.

“Even though I may get used to it sometimes, even though I am used to going out there and doing another mile,” Cartledge said. “I try to make it as personal as possible for that family.”

Each mile Cartledge runs honors a first responder who died in the line of duty.

Walker’s will mark his 869th mile in just two years.

“Over time I get used to it which is unfortunately not a good thing to say,” he explained. “I'm getting used to it means I’m getting used to running for fallen heroes almost every single night.”

He started his nonprofit, Running 4 Heroes, when he was just 10 years old and does more than just honor those who lose their lives.

”I also help injured first responders,” he said. “Since January of 2020 we’ve given over $115,000 to injured first responders through $10,000 grants that we give monthly.”

Even though he didn’t know trooper Chad Walker personally, he sends his love and support all the way to Limestone County.

”I hope the family heals,” he said. “And I hope the flag gets to them very soon as well.”

If you’d like to donate to Running 4 Heroes you can do so here.