Gubernatorial candidate condemns 'problematic, insensitive' state holiday and vows to end it

Confederate Monument
Posted at 6:44 PM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 19:44:25-04

Gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham of South Carolina tweeted yesterday his disdain for Confederate Memorial Day, a day that is honored every year in the state on May 10.

While some states, including Texas, commemorate the day, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi recognize it as an official state holiday.

Because of this, state offices are closed for the day, in addition to schools and universities.

Cunningham referred to the holiday in his tweet as "embarrassing" and as another example of South Carolina "living in the past."

He said in his post that should he become governor, he will end the holiday and make Election Day in lieu.

Additionally, he added other measures he vows to do should he win, such as legalizing marijuana.

The current governor, Gov. Henry McMaster did not acknowledge nor mention the holiday on Tuesday. Instead, he hosted the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce at the Governor's Mansion to discuss with local businesses and a path moving forward in their communities.

Confederate Memorial Day became a holiday in the state in 2000, more than 156 years since the confederate states lost the Civil War and surrendered to the Union Army.