Gatesville Animal Shelter filling up fast as Texas opens up

Posted at 3:20 PM, May 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-17 16:36:46-04

The Gatesville Animal Shelter is one of many facilities in Central Texas dealing with an influx of animals. Officer Jason Holt heads the animal shelter and he said many of the animals going there are usually in bad shape.

"Now that things are becoming open and people are getting out and about more, the numbers are starting to go back up. Unfortunately we don't pick up a lot of prize winning dogs. We do pick up the dogs that have been left outside for however long, on their own," Officer Holt said.

Most animals taken to the shelter have medical issues and severe injuries, costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars to treat.

"That's why we work with the vets here in town to get them the treatment usually that is required beyond animal controls ability to treat an animal," Officer Holt said.

Bar N Veterinary Clinic is stepping up to help. Jamie Newman works at the clinic but also volunteers at the shelter.

"I try to assist the shelter in any way I can just to try to make the animals as comfortable as possible because they are in a high stress environment," Newman said.

She set up an emergency fund to help the shelter pay for expensive treatments.

"Our awesome community has donated to it and we've been able to keep it going," Newman said.

She said she likes to keep $1,000 in the fund but the cost to treat a dog, named CJ, with a severe skin condition is nearly wiping out all the money.

"His skin is really rough, it's like elephant skin and really greasy. We have to give him medications, do preliminary tests. I've got another $600 that he'll need for boarding, medicated baths, a skin biopsy," Newman said. "If another shelter dog came in here that needed treatment I would have no money for it."

Right now, Newman is relying on discounts at the clinic and what's left in the fund to help treat CJ. Though, she said community donations are desperately needed.

"Are we gonna just euthanize these animals? I don't think that's fair, so lets get the fund going," Newman said.

If you would like to donate supplies, the Gatesville Animal Shelter has an Amazon Wishlist. []

You can also call Bar N Veterinary clinic to make a donation over the phone or you can donate in person at the Gatesville Police Department.

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