Gas price blame game

Posted at 12:00 PM, Mar 17, 2022

Gas prices are a little lower this week, but they are still fueling the 'blame game.'

So, how much control do politicians have over the price you pay at the pump? And what will it take for prices to go down?

It's the butt of jokes like 'gas prices are so high, even coronavirus stopped traveling.'

Or a sticker you can buy on Facebook Marketplace for $3 that reads: "Whoever voted Biden owes me gas money."

But is it up to the president to control the price you pay at the pump?

"No, this was going to happen regardless of who was in the white house," AAA Texas Daniel Armbruster said. "This has kind of been in the making for a while, right? But certainly, when you look at what the president can do, they are very limited in how they can impact the global market."

But Biden and U.S. allies banning Russian oil did drive up prices, experts say.

Many argue, that we should start drilling oil here and make the U.S. energy independent.

Vinay Gonela teaches management and marketing at A&M Central Texas. "The production needs to happen," Gonela said. "Production, as well as distribution, needs to happen at a higher rate for the prices to come down."

Where that oil will come from, remains to be seen.

For now, at least as one pro-electric meme puts it "The price for regular is LOL, plus is OMG, and we can't even mention the acronym for premium.

It is safe to say we'll be paying an arm and a leg for a while.

The average price in both Mclennan and Bell counties was $3.92 per gallon on March 17th.