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Fort Cavazos unveils new micro power grid to keep the lights on when everything else goes dark

Posted at 5:29 PM, Feb 23, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-23 19:42:59-05

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — Dominion Energy is partnering with Fort Cavazos to build three power generator sights on the massive installation.

”It’s 1.95 megawatts,” Kevin Mann with Dominion Energy said. “It’s enough to power roughly 43 facilities within this micro grid campus.”

The campus he is referring to is west Fort Cavazos.

The power flowing from behind the walls of the micro grid on post, ensures the power at the Fort Cavazos airfield and lines across that side of the installation stay flowing.

Even if the rest of the state goes down.

Great news for the air traffic controllers working on this side of the installation.

”Yes, that makes a big difference for what we do here because the approach control works about a 60 mile radius here at Fort Cavazos, surface to 12,000, the whole complex for training and readiness out there for training,” said Mark Vick, the Chief of the Air Traffic Control Division at Fort Cavazos. “If we’re operating, they can keep training.”

The airfield and training areas aren’t the only thing that stay powered.

”This micro grid actually allows it to continue to power all of the barracks, the dining facility, and those facilities on west Fort Cavazos that help it care for our soldiers and their families,” said Lt. Gen. Sean Bernabe, the III Corps and Fort Cavazos Commanding General.

According to Texas State Rep. Brad Buckley, the new micro grid also helps protect the installation’s power from people who try to intentionally shut it down.

”When you have an alternative grid, you can turn to in a time of crisis, for up to 14 days of power, to allow this nation to continue to protect itself, to fight off our enemies, and great for force protection, it is the ultimate defense against that sort of nefarious activity,” Rep. Buckley said.

This is just one of three micro grids being built on Fort Cavazos and the one here on the west side of the post is now fully operational.