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Faces of Fort Cavazos: SSG Alec Cremeans steps up to help neighbors after tornadoes

Posted: 7:45 PM, Jun 12, 2024
Updated: 2024-06-13 13:07:37-04

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas (KXXV) — Staff Sergeant Alec Cremeans works with the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team on Fort Cavazos.

He may spend his days launching mortars down range now, but his story begins in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"Growing up there we had a great community,” said SSG Cremeans. "We had an ice cream shop, I remember as a kid, just about a mile down the road. As well as the beaches so, my mom would always take us there.”

He actually joined the Army on a bet.

"Correct, it was $100 bet,” said SSG Cremeans. “I was serving tables one night at Glory Days Grill and me and my table were talking about how I always wanted to be in the United States Army. So, we made a $100 bet that I would join the Army.”

He followed through on his end and earned that money, a steak dinner, and new running shoes for basic training.

Now he is stationed right here at Fort Cavazos, but his service goes beyond the gates and into our neighborhood.

He jumped into action to help out the community after the recent tornadoes.

"Watching it on the news the night before and seeing all the tornado damage throughout the community I realized, if that would have happened to me and my daughter, I would have wanted somebody to help serve us,” SSG Cremeans said.

One of our neighbors he and other soldiers helped is related to Judge Wade Faulkner who honored them in his Bell County courtroom for their efforts.

Those who serve alongside him weren’t surprised.

”It did not surprise me actually,” said Specialist Devin Jackson, who serves under SSG Cremeans. “He texted in our group chat that he was going out and asked for volunteers. I also volunteered to go out there and help a couple people.”

Other soldiers say it’s just who Staff Sergeant Cremeans is.

He helped his neighbors with his daughter on his mind the whole time.

So, just in case she reads this in the future, SSG Cremeans has a message for his toddler at home.

“I just want to let you know that I love you, and I am doing the best I can in the right now in the United States Army, as well as my community and I hope you carry in this tradition as well,” SSG Cremeans said.

Several other soldiers joined in the cleanup efforts after the tornadoes and were honored alongside SSG Cremeans.