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3rd Cavalry Regiment lands in Korea, shares their thoughts on the way out

Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 26, 2024

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — Troops with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment have now put their boots on the ground in Korea for the first time and 25 News' Adam Schindler got the rare chance to see them off.

In January, the 3rd Cavalry Regiment proudly cased their colors ahead of their very first deployment to the Indo-Pacific.

”Really, we’re reinforcing this great 70-year alliance we have with the Republic of Korea,” said Col. Jeffrey Barta, Commander 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

“We're going to train hard, do a lot of joint exercises combined with our Korean allies over there, build our readiness to the highest level, and in doing so, keep that place stable and safe.”

Fast forward a few weeks, and that day was finally here.

Time to say goodbye to loved ones and board a plane to answer our nation's call.

It was a bittersweet moment for Pvt. Luis Yescas who only finished basic training a couple months ago.

”This is the hardest part I guess, for everybody out here,” said Pvt. Luis Yescas 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

“Just leave the family, I guess. At least for me it’s the hardest part.”

His wife Suzzete, came to tears as she and the kids said goodbye to their soldier.

”Emotional and scared,” said Suzzete Ortega Wife of Pvt. Yescas.

“I don’t know, it’s just hard. It’s something different to have my husband leave and it’s just me and the two kids. Just totally different, what I didn’t expect.”

Hours later Pvt. Yescas waited to board the plane with his unit.

Speaking with 25 News one more time as his mind switched from leaving his family to accomplishing the mission.

I had one last question for him.

"You're just trying to be there for your fellow teammates and get out there, and do the job?”, 25 News' Adam Schindler asked Pvt. Yescas

”Yes, try to do my best and try to get better every day,” he said.

The mission needs to be top of mind for a soldier down range, but the leadership knows the families back home are serving too.

”We’ve left an outstanding team back here at Fort Cavazos to take care of the families,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Mikael McInroy, 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

“If there's any issues with our families, we want to make sure they bring them up to our command team that’s going to be in the rear to make sure their taken care off.”

Resources for families are available but on the top of their minds is the distance between them and their soldier.

That’s why PVT Yescas's family has a message for him.

”Say, 'I love you daddy, so much, like your teddy bear,” said Ortega, while holding and talking to their son.

“Tell him we’re going to be strong for you, we’ll always be here when you come back. Say, 'I love you'.”

“I love you,” their young son said.

Thousands of service members and their families are just like Pvt. Yescas and his family.

A reminder of the sacrifices that one percent of Americans make to protect and serve our nation — for the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, that is in Korea this time.