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Forever Families: Waco Adoption Match Party

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Posted at 5:44 PM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-26 21:22:01-04

WACO, TX — The Waco community is making great strides in supporting the foster children in the state system. One of the first ever adoption match parties in Waco was recently held at Crestview Church of Christ in Woodway. The event helps connect foster kids with their forever family.

Basketball, pizza and new friends. A Friday night in the church gym could be the beginning of a beautiful bond.

"God just put it on my heart to go out there and adopt. I love these kids. They are wonderful. Each kid has their own unique personality. They have stuff that they come from, but to see the beauty in who they are is just wonderful," said Adoptive Dad Patrick Mack.

Mack already adopted one child and is hoping to adopt again. Mack attended the Waco adoption match party with dozens of other families and foster kids.

"I really love it. It's very hard work, but the blessings in the end are just so wonderful," said Mack.

The event facilitates a match between foster children ready for adoption, and families who have already been licensed by the state or their adoption agency and they're ready for the next step.

"This is one of the first match events for children in the Waco area, and we're hoping this is a start of something that will be done every year," said Adoption Prep Caseworker Cori Edmonds.

Each week, Central Texas News Now features children in The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children. They're local kids who want to join a family.

Potential parents must go through background checks, state licensing and training. Many times it is free or low cost to adopt a child in CPS care.

"It brings awareness on children in foster care or families who can not take on that responsibility. If we can bring children here, and foster parents who want to adopt, that's important to provide a child their forever family. A place they can always go to call home," said Edmonds.

Giving kids a chance to just be a kid.

"They love the attention. They want somebody to just be around and love on them," said Mack.

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