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Forever Families: Meet Alasyha, Aleria, Angel & Jayvin

Posted at 3:49 PM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-18 19:51:25-04

A family picture at the pumpkin patch at Green Life Nursery in Waco means so much more than just some fall fun.

"Sometimes it's challenging and sometimes it's easy," said 16-year-old Alashya, who is the oldest of her siblings.

"It feels like a lot has been put on your shoulders?" asked 25 News Anchor Lindsay Liepman.

"Yes," she replied.

Alasyha and her siblings, Aleria, Angel and Jayvin, have spent a year and a half in foster care. The siblings have moved twice in that time.

We sat down to paint pottery at Practically Pikasso in Waco and talk about their hopes and dreams.

"I like football, basketball and track, and baseball," said Jayvin, who is in the 7th grade.

"My biggest dream is going to college and becoming a veterinarian," said Angel.

Music and each other help get them through tough days, but this family of four loves to laugh.

"Jayvin, he's my go to. If I have a problem I tell him," said Alashya.

She wants to use her experiences to help other people.

"Once you graduate high school, what do you want to do?" asked Liepman.

"Go to college for family and marriage counseling," replied Alashya.

The cute crew has a pet goat, cat and dog. They love animals but hope for a family that will adopt them in a city.

"Nice and loving, and actually sit down and listen to your problems," described Alashya.

No matter what, there is one dream they share.

"That we get adopted by a good family and we all stay together," said Alashya.

You can learn more about adoption and read their bio at The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, a program of Partnerships for Children.

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