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Forever Families: Judge Nikki Mundkowsky

Posted at 3:53 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-01 16:16:38-05

(KXXV) — In 2015, the state legislature created the Centex Child Protection Court North in Waco. Judge Nikki Mundkowsky has been hearing the cases of abused and neglected children in our area for years.

She tells us the work is difficult but gives her purpose.

When a child is featured in The Heart Gallery of Central Texas, ready for adoption, Judge Nikki Mundkowsky has often been working with that child for months or even years.

"Most of these kids are kids I've known since the time they were removed from their parents," said Judge Mundkowsky.

The Centex Child Protection Court North was created to help ease the burden of cases on the district court and provide as much time and care to the kids who end up in the state system.

"I tell everybody we need to treat these kids like they're our kids and that's how I feel about it," said Judge Mundkowsky.

She says you can help a child, too, by becoming a CASA volunteer which are assigned to about 25 percent of her cases right now or by providing a safe and loving foster home.

When children are adopted, the judge lets them bang the gavel and everyone celebrates!

"It's a really rewarding investment of time. It can be heartbreaking at times. It's the happy endings that really keep us going," said Judge Mundkowsky.

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