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First to the Fight: Making a difference behind the scenes

Posted at 5:41 PM, Apr 01, 2022

MARCH 15, 2022 — When you go to the hospital, you'll usually spot nurses and doctors walking up and down the hallways.

They are front and center, face to face with patients.

But, behind the scenes are silent heroes — the people we don't get to see.

"75 percent of a doctor's decision on how to move forward with the treatment of a patient is based on our lab results," Kele Crouch, director of clinical and anatomical pathology for Baylor Scott & White said.

In the basement of the hospital, lab technicians run tests, evaluate patient conditions, look at cultures and provide blood products for those that need it.

"We were the key milestone for helping physicians navigate through the pandemic on the different types of viruses through our molecular testing," Crouch said.

After watching her high school friend battle cancer, Crouch said she wanted to pursue a career that would be meaningful. Originally, she thought should be a doctor.

Until she got to go behind the scene and work in the lab.

"We're the ones that has to call the ER and say your patient has leukemia and that could be the first time anyone has ever known," Crouch said. "The patient just came in because they're tired. To me, it means that we are helping the patient."

It's those kinds of cases that can help doctors save lives.

"The feeling of accomplishment, you get that every day down here. You're not at the bedside but you are making the difference, down here in the basement," Crouch said.