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First to the Fight: Local dispatcher on the front line

Marissa Freeman, Milam County Dispatcher
Posted at 2:43 PM, Jan 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-14 15:43:56-05

JANUARY 14, 2022 — Marissa Freeman is a local dispatcher at the Milam County Sheriff's office and has been taking calls for help for nearly 16 years.

She says when the phone rings you have to be ready for anything.

"It gets difficult at times because you have people hollering, screaming in your ear if it's a major hot call," Freeman said.

You never know who or what situation might be on the other line.

"We have a variety of calls. Our main calls are livestock and animal calls. We also have welfare checks, sick people, medical calls," she said.

But Freeman is a pro. She's spent decades getting help to people in need.

"At some points it's scary. It's like they are relying on you. You have to think of what you need to do but think fast because you've got to get the job done," she said.

While the job can be tough emotionally, she knows her work is making a difference.

"I enjoy it. Granted, it's not easy but I look forward to coming to work and helping people as much as I can," Freeman said.

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