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Faces of Fort Hood: Kevin Williams

Posted at 4:54 PM, May 03, 2023

FORT HOOD, Texas — Intelligence gathering is a major part of how the military keeps people safe, but like everything else, their systems can be vulnerable.

That’s where dedicate people like the Cyber Threat Coordinator for U.S. Army Operational Test Command, Kevin Williams come in.

Not only does he for OTC, he’s a retired U.S. Army veteran and proud Texas native from Houston.

”I graduated from Aldine High School in 1982, Aldine Senior High School,” Williams said.

“When I left Houston, I went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin on an academic scholarship.”

After graduating with a BA in History and Economics, he joined the Army and spent over 22 years maintaining Military Intelligence systems before retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 4.

”I did that my whole career,” Williams said.

“I was enlisted for nine years and then I became a Warrant Officer as the 353 Alpha, later the 353 Tango, Intelligence Electronic Warfare Technician.”

Now he puts those skills to work at the OTC, developing ways to keep America’s intelligence secrets safe.

”Cyber Threat Coordinator — I coordinate for the networks to be looked at from a red team and blue team perspective to identify vulnerabilities and hopefully harden the network against enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Those who know him best aren’t surprised to see him spending his retirement continuing to serve his country.

”He loves this community, probably more than they think,” said Royace Gully, longtime friend of Williams.

“He’s a real service-oriented person.”

When he’s not helping to protect his country, Williams is making lasting impressions on those around him.

”He’s got a big heart and he cares about his community,” Gully said.

“He cares about the people, and he cares about the places he served. He’s very active in the community, whether it’s his fraternity or the VFW.”

Kevin Williams spent over two decades serving his country in uniform and continues to serve the nation and his community with no plans of ever stopping.