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Faces of Fort Hood: Georgiana Cleverley

Posted at 7:35 PM, Mar 15, 2023

GATESVILLE, Texas — March is Women’s History Month and in Central Texas, there is no shortage of women that have left their mark on history — like Georgiana Cleverley, Lieutenant with the Gatesville Police Department.

Though she has served the Gatesville community for many years, a blue uniform isn’t the first one she proudly put on.

The first was a green Army uniform that she donned in 1976.

”This was right when the Women’s Army Corps was being incorporated into the regular Army,” Lt. Cleverley said.

“I was actually sworn into the Women’s Army Corps.”

She originally chose to join the Army and serve for a few years to pay for college — but fate had other plans.

”I didn’t work out that way because I got into the Army, and I liked it,” Lt. Cleverley said.

“Getting to go to all these places — travel around the world, I had fun. I loved being in the military and all of a sudden, I just stayed in for 25 years.”

She spent over two decades working her way through ranks of the Signal Corps as a Multi Channel Communications Equipment Operator before retiring as a Sergeant Major just ten days before the terrorist attacks on Sep. 11, 2001.

”I know very well — having been in the Army during that time period — what she had to go through and what she gave to get to be a Sergeant Major in the Army,” said Alan Mathis, friend of Lt. Cleverley.

“She's had an incredible career and having seen here on the police force — working from Sergeant up to Lieutenant — the care and concern she has for people.”

”She's a very intelligent and active person — involved in the community and cares about her community," Mathis said.

It’s that community that she has a message for.

”I have been working here at the police department for over 18 years,” Lt. Cleverley said.

“Living here and interacting with the people of Gatesville has been a very rewarding experience and I love working for this community. I want to thank the people in the community for being so supportive of law enforcement.”

Lt. Georgiana Cleverley has spent over 40 years in uniform, proudly serving her country and community — and says she isn’t done yet.