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Faces of Fort Hood: CSM Shade Munday

Posted at 5:27 PM, Mar 01, 2023

FORT HOOD, Texas — A full career in the U.S. military is 20 years, but some soldiers choose to serve much longer than that — like Command Sergeant Major Shade Munday, the former Command Sergeant Major for the 1st Cavalry Division.

Though he has traveled the world during his long military career, his roots stem from small-town America.

”I’m originally from Washington State,” CSM Munday said.

“Eastern Washington in, what I wouldn’t say is small town, Moses Lake Washington. Then in junior high, I moved to South Dakota. My mom remarried and we moved to a small town called Morristown South Dakota and I graduated with 16 people.”

For him, joining the Army wasn’t just about serving his country — it was to honor the brave members of his family that served before him.

”So, I am third generation,” CSM Munday said. “My grandfather served in WWII in the Navy. My dad served in Vietnam and then also, my stepdad served in the Vietnam era, in the Air Force.”

He has now been defending his country for 30 years — leaving lasting impressions on those who have served under his leadership.

”First of all, he is the best thing I have had in 20 years,” said MSG Devin Potts, Master Sergeant who served under CSM Munday.

“I am getting ready to retire here and he is by far the best leader I have served with in the Army. Again, it goes back to how much he cares. He cares about what I do and being able to do what I do better.”

CSM Munday is also known for having the courage to help shape senior leaders above him into the best versions of themselves.

Not only to help them, but the Army he proudly serves.

”The Army has provided everything to me,” CSM Munday said.

“It has taken care of my family and enabled me to travel. I mean, I am the Army. Without the Army, I wouldn’t have become Command Sergeant Major Munday.”

He is leaving the 1st Cavalry Division — but not without a message from those whose lives he has forever touched.

”Thank you for all the mentoring, guiding, and just friendship that you have given me over the last 3.5 years,” MSG Potts said

“You mean so much to me and my family and we wish nothing but the best.”

Command Sergeant Major Shade Munday has honorably served his country for three decades.

He plans to continue serving as he heads of to find the next generation of soldiers as the Command Sergeant Major of U.S. Army Recruiting Command.