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Faces of Fort Hood: Captain Arnoud Stopples, Dutch soldier stationed at Fort Hood

Posted at 9:15 PM, Sep 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-07 22:15:32-04

FORT HOOD, Texas — Fort Hood is one of the nation's largest army installations housing thousands of soldiers, but America is not the only country that has troops there.

Captain Arnoud Stopples is a soldier with the royal Netherlands Army working alongside the Royal Netherlands Air Force as a signals officer keeping their communications equipment safe and operating at 100 percent.

A job he is happy to be doing right here at Fort Hood.

”Because we are a part of NATO and yeah, I like it," said Cpt. Stopples. "That's also why I came over here, to work together in this international environment."

Americans working alongside him said Captain Stopples is not only good at his job what makes it easy to come to work.

”It's nice to come to work basically if you know what I mean,” said Joshua Gallardo, civilian working with Cpt. Stopples. “If you're working with people that you actually get along with and respect then coming to work is not really work. It's a good work environment.”

Like most military families, Captain Stopples didn’t come to Fort Hood alone, his family came with him.

”I have a wife and two kids,” said Cpt. Stopples. “We're living nearby here in the city and my kids also go to school here and they like it. In the beginning, it was a little hard not knowing the language, but the school is great.”

Even though they are in a new country it didn't take him and his family long to make friends.

"For instance, American families who are also serving in the army,” said Cpt. Stopples. “So, there was immediately a bond. We were helping each other out with the kids and celebrating holidays together that's also something I'm very grateful for.”

That’s why Captain Stopples has a message for the community he said welcomed him with open arms.

”I want to say thank you to the Fort Hood community for welcoming us and having us here,” said Cpt. Stopples.

Captain Stopples is one of many in a long line of Dutch armed forces that have served at Fort Hood over the past 25 years.