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Faces of Fort Cavazos: SPC Christian Giraldo is keeping 1st Cavalry traditions alive

Posted: 7:09 PM, Jan 31, 2024
Updated: 2024-01-31 20:09:38-05
Faces of Fort Cavazos: Spa Christian Giraldo

FORT CAVAZOS, Texas — With all the things that can be done in the Army, working at the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Detachment can seem like a dream job.

Specialist Christian Giraldo has spent the past few years as a farrier with the Horse Detachment.

Stationed at Fort Cavazos, he hasn’t traveled far from his hometown of Houston, Texas, though seeing the world was his motivation to enlist in the Army.

”Being in Houston, I had never been outside,” SPC Giraldo said.

“I wanted a change of pace — I wanted to travel the world and see new people.”

He didn’t have to go far to be one of the few that are lucky enough to get a job at the Horse Detachment.

”I jumped immediately at the opportunity,” SPC Giraldo said.

“Working with horses — how many people can say they get to do that.”

It's a stroke of luck in his eyes that didn’t stop at being selected.

”They sent me to farrier school,” SPC Giraldo said.

“It's just some rewarding work seeing all the before and after, and seeing your work with every single horse that is out here.”

After several years in the farrier shop, he now has multiple apprentices under him and teaching them is a big part of why he enjoys the work.

“I hope that one day, somebody that I teach is able to compete with me and we have the same knowledge and we’re at the same level.”

The Horse Detachment isn’t a permanent job and his turn will be over soon, but there is a big lesson he is taking back to his unit.

”I would say, just not taking things for granted, like just having this opportunity,” SPC Giraldo said.

“I do whatever I can to just make this place better — I’m going to do my best to bring that wherever I go.”

Specialist Geraldo says being part of the Horse Detachment not only helped him shape horse shoes, but better shape himself.

He plans to take that same dedication with him when he goes back to being a UAV operator in his unit