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Faces of Fort Cavazos: Patrick Abrams is using art to make a living and to cope with PTSD

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 10, 2024

HARKER HEIGHTS, Texas — Patrick Abrams is a U.S. Army veteran living in Harker Heights — he may be a Central Texas neighbor now, but his story begins in Seattle, Washington.

”Had a blast — worked part-time at retirement center from my junior year all the way until I joined the Army," Abrams said.

That service in his community led Abrams to join the Army in 2005 where he spent close to 12 years in uniform — even deploying twice to Iraq.

”I did artillery missions and gate guard, and towers, and a little bit of patrols and things like that,” Abrams said.

“That was during the surge, so that was an interesting deployment.”

He got out of the military with a plan to become a police officer, but a back injury ended that dream.

Now he and his wife Aurora are chasing an artistic dream together — a major transition for the whole family.

”It was tough, but I love it because now, I get to spend every day with him and get to be the support system to make his days easier,” Aurora said.

Creating unique works of art with his hands helps Abrams cope the effects of PTSD caused by his deployments to Iraq.

It also gives him a chance to honor his fellow soldiers who didn’t make it home.

Abrams is trying to donate special pieces to each battalion in the Army and one side has a crest.

”The other side is every service member in that unit that has been killed in combat during the Global War on Terrorism era.”

Abrams plans to keep building his business and using it to honor his fellow service members that didn’t make it home.