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Faces of Fort Cavazos: Gregory Jordan

Posted at 5:32 PM, May 25, 2023

KILLEEN, Texas — When members of the military retire, they are often left with a need to continue serving in some way.

People like Gregory Jordan, retired U.S. Army veteran and Campus Technologist for Killeen High School.

He proudly serves the Killeen community now, but his story began in Hobbs, New Mexico where he grew up.

”It’s a small town in southeastern New Mexico” said Jordan. “An oil rich town. I was born and raised there, went to high school, graduated, and decided to join the military.”

He honorably served over 20 years in the Army, making the equipment our troops needed in battle, was in perfect operating condition.

”I was a Ground Maintenance Technician which is, a 915 Echo,” said Jordan. “So, basically what I did was, I was in charge of motor pools throughout the Army. Heavy armored combat vehicles, anywhere from Humvees to M1A1 Tanks.”

After 2 decades of getting greasy in the heat of a motor pool, he decided a little AC was in order and after getting his degree in Technology Information Systems, he landed a job as a Technologist with KISD.

”I have 2 kids of my own and it’s a way that I can kind of give back to the community,” said Jordan. “I just like mentoring kids when I can. From the small ones on up. You know, I just try to offer that back to the community.”

Something his brother in tech at Killeen High, Manual Chaco, says is just who Gregory is.

”One, he always cares about the kids and always makes sure that everyone is helpful,” said Chaco. “When it comes to faculty, he’s always motivated to help everyone out. He tries to beat me to it too. When we get emails or what not, he’s like, I got it.”

That's why he has a message for the unsung hero he works with every day.

”I’m extremely thankful that you’re my partner working in technology,” said Chaco. “Super blessed to have you always jamming and keeping everything positive. Even on the bad days. There's always something good that comes out of it so, I really appreciate it, thank you.”

Gregory Jordan proudly served his country for 2 decades and now serves the kids and educators of Killeen ISD as the man behind the scenes keeping their technology up and running.